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I Am That I Am – Stella Sonos

Enhance mind, body and spirit with energy clearing, chakra balancing, healing music for mental, physical and emotional health.

Album Track List:

1) Crystalline Star – Guided Chakra Meditation (10.00)
2) Universal Love Frequency – 528 hz (10.00)
3) I Am That I Am – Chanting (20.00)
4) Chakra Healing  – Root To Crown (20.00)


Why Stella Sonos?
It’s Latin for Star Sounds

Stars make sounds?
Everything vibrates, we all make sounds but we don’t always hear them

Who are you?
We are Stephanie Kirkham singer/songwriter and Dean Wagg composer/producer

Is this your first album together?

So, what made you do it?
(Stephanie) I’d been looking for a quick Chakra meditation for a while and asked Dean if he’d help me record one and it grew from there

Quick Chakra meditation?
Yes, we have energy points in our bodies that can get blocked which can cause unease. For me personally, when I feel the energy flowing I feel better and I wanted us to make something people could use for an instant energy boost even if they’re pushed for time

Dean, what’s the music like?
Different to anything I’ve worked on before! Sometimes I found it hard to focus on recording…. after the spoken meditation there’s some chanting and a dreamy vocal and a healing track that travels up 8 notes to match the chakras

Chakras make sounds?
(Stephanie) They resonate at different frequencies and when they’re all humming the Kundalini can rise.

Dean, what instruments are on it?
We recorded Tibetan bowls and Stephanie played her Omnichord and big Vegan Shamanic drum.

Vegan drum??
(Dean) Yeah it has a deep mellow sound… no animals were hurt for this recording 🙂
(Stephanie) We recorded a 528 Hz tuning fork too and wind chimes… it was a fun process

What does 528 Hz mean?
(Stephanie) It’s one of the ancient Solfeggio frequencies. 528 hz also known as ‘The Universal Love Frequency’ is said to help transform and heal so we thought lets see how it sounds to weave some singing around that note.
All I know for sure is that it makes my head buzz and I feel blissed after listening to it 🙂

What’s the spoken meditation about?
It starts with a kind of letting go prayer/affirmation and then you visualise a crystalline star in your imagination and move the star to each chakra point. The star lights up and floods each chakra with it’s own colour

OK… so chakras have a sound and a colour?
Yes…. we are vibrating, singing rainbows of love and light!

Mmm… What if I’m not good at visualising?
(Dean) It’s ok just go along for the ride

Is this the kind of music you gig?
(Dean) Maybe best to listen on headphones while your sitting or lying down
(Stephanie) Definitely NOT while driving!

When can we hear it?
(Dean) Very soon

So… what’s coming next?
(Stephanie) Positive, life affirming spoken meditations with beautiful music. Lots to do and enjoy!


Seven chakras light up from root to crown in 10 minutes.

Angelic voices, sparkling celeste and Universal love frequency 528 Hz tuning fork create the perfect backdrop for this guided crystalline star meditation.

Let go of negative patterns and programs allowing love and light to shine.


Cleanse and restore aura by connecting to your spiritual essence.

Soothing angelic voices resonate with Solfeggio 528 Hz Love Frequency tuning while delicate wind chimes wash away any tension.


Set your intention to be all you truly are.

Gentle chanting of empowering and life affirming mantra ‘I Am That I Am’ accompanied by Shamanic drum and Om tuning forks. Tibetan bowls and background voices begin at the Root note C through to Crown note B.


Feel your connection to source energy as the echoing voices flow back and forth.

Follow the beat of the Shamanic drum on this chakra balancing journey as wind chimes, bells and voices on the wind carry you through seven major chakras from root to crown.


As an artist I’m interested in how certain colours draw me in and writing lyrics and melodies for songs I’ve felt how sound can mirror our emotions. Being aware of the power of words and affirmations affecting how we feel, especially when talking to ourselves has helped me change my life.

Struggling in the past with anorexia, depression and lack of confidence I have learned various ways of helping myself by understanding who I am and what makes me feel better. On my journey of self-development, I found several meditations, some mentioning the chakras.

The thought of using colours associating to areas of the body excited me especially when I found each chakra had a resonating musical note. I wanted to find a short meditation that I could easily add to my spiritual practise that could illuminate me and charge me up. Not finding what I wanted, I decided to write my own.

I needed to find an excellent musician and producer but someone who had the patience to allow me to try new things while not really knowing how the final album would sound. Through a friend I found Dean, a talented and lovely guy. J I took in a vegan shamanic drum, Tibetan bowls, wind chimes, bells, my Omnichord and the Solfeggio tuning forks! Exciting times!!

When I listen to the recording of the Crystalline Chakra Meditation, I feel clearer and it makes me smile like love and light is flowing through me. I feel more centred, grounded and calm. My hope is that all who listen to ‘I Am That I Am’ will feel that love and find a deeper connection to the mighty ‘I AM’ presence within themselves.

After a painting injury three years ago, I began learning reiki. Now at level 3, I use reiki to help others and myself.  When I give a 30-minute reiki session I begin with the ‘Crystalline Star’ meditation then play the ‘Chakra Healing’. It’s perfect for me as it begins on the root note and travels subtly up the notes to end at the Crown. It gives me just under 3 minutes at each energy point. If I want to extend the session I use ‘Love Frequency’ at the end.

I came across the Solfeggio tuning forks at The Healing Light Festival in Cornwall and when I heard the 528 hz the top of my scalp buzzed, it felt amazing and I couldn’t leave without buying that fork! I began singing around the note and my whole body felt relaxed. I looked into it later and it’s known as ‘The Love Frequency’ so another track for the album was born.

Affirmations are very helpful to me and I turn thoughts around as soon as I notice I am feeling less than my best. The saying ‘Know Thyself’ comes to mind because I feel with me it’s a continuous process of being more and more aware of when I’m stopping the true source energy and love to flow.

When I realised, we can change our beliefs as they are just thoughts and thoughts can be changed, my life began to work better for me. When I changed my self-talk the world around me changed. I knew if I could help myself feel better then anything is possible. ‘I AM’ is powerful and it had to be included in this first Stella Sonos album.

The next album is called ‘Forgiven’ because I have noticed with myself and seen in others around me that regret, blame, anger and shame can be a real drain on our energy. If left unmanaged this state can affect our decisions, hinder our development and take joy out of our lives.

It’s my current mission to create a beautiful loving album of forgiveness to not only help soothe the listener but create a powerful charge of vibration to burst the dam and loosen the debris allowing new clear thoughts to wash away past hurts allowing forgiveness and understanding.

I am thrilled to be represented by New World Music – the best in their field. My wish is that this music helps uplift and inspire others to connect to their truth and for life to keep getting better.